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3 Things to Consider Before Using a Wall Hanging Indoor Planter

In the current world, using a wall hanging indoor planter has become popular. Its usage is increasing every day, and people in big cities have to use it to create an indoor garden to bring nature close to them. They do so, as they have no front space, backyard, or enough space for home gardening. 

Creating an indoor garden in your home or office is not enough. Your indoor garden needs proper care and maintenance. With proper care, you can use it for your recreation and home/office decoration. You need to think about watering, cutting, pruning, and care of the place before you move with your indoor plantation idea. If you are determined to have an indoor garden in your home with wooden planters, you need to consider a few things. Here are some of them for your support:

Weight of planters and plants 

Before you move to hang any potted plant on ceilings or walls, you need to make sure that the structures you are going to use can hold the weight and can’t let the potted plant fall down. Check everything before hanging the potted plants on the wall or from the ceiling of your home/office. 

Interior protection 

The most important thing that you should consider is to make your indoor garden creation disaster-free so that you could keep your home safe. In addition, you need to make sure that the wall hanging indoor planters are secured well and water doesn’t come out of the pot while watering the potted plants. To be sure there wouldn’t be water leakage, you can place a pot within a pot before planting an indoor plant. Or, you can place a tray beneath the planter to keep your home floor safe from soil or water spread. 


Before you move ahead in hanging the potted plants with planters, you need to think how easily you can water or reach the same for pruning or cutting if required. Opt for the hanging height that you can easily access the placed potted plants on the planters. Or you can hang them on a place from where you can easily take them out for watering or pruning/cutting. 

Final Thoughts

Indoor plantation requires you to be more careful so that you can have both the health benefits of indoor plants and a good interior look. You can do it by keeping a few things such as the weight of planters & plant pots, accessibility, and interior protection in your mind. Your careful acts with proper planning will help you get what you want to achieve from your indoor garden.  

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