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Badrinath in Char Dham Tour Package from Delhi


The Char Dhams of India is considered as highly spiritual places. The Char Dhams are divided into two parts. 4 pilgrimage spots are considered as Char Dham and 4 tourist spots are considered as parts of the Chota Char Dham tourist circuit. Badrinath is a part of both. So you must definitely visit here on the Char Dham yatra tour package from Delhi. There is a lot to know about the temple of Badrinath which has also given the name to the town where it is located. There are various important facts about Badrinath Temple. Survived various earthquakes and avalanches and therefore you may find some kind of damage but still, it is a very sacred spot and people find their good luck in visiting the temple. You are advised to visit the temple even if you are on some kind of business or professional visit.

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is located in the state of Uttarakhand in India. There are 108 Vishnu temples that are considered as divine. Badrinath Temple is also one of them. All 108 temples are not located in India. 105 temples are located in India and the remaining are in other countries. One divine temple is located in Nepal. Two temples are said to be located out of the earthly realms. Two temples are located in Parampadam and Thirupparkadal.

The black statue

The Statue of Lord Vishnu in the temple is made up of the black stone. This is a very beautiful statue and many people believe in its magical powers.

Mata Murti ka Mela

It is a very important festival that is celebrated in the temple of Badrinath. You would be surprised to know that the head priest in the temple is from Kerala which is located in South India. There is no big deal about it but still, it is interesting to know there are many temples in southern India also but the head priest belongs to South India who is serving Temple religiously in North India.

The Badri Kedar festival

There is one more festival called the Badri Kedar festival which is celebrated in the month of June. This temple is not only celebrated in the Badrinath Temple but also in the Kedarnath temple. It is celebrated for 8 days. If you want to visit here, this would be one of the best times to do so. There is a full-fledged function that takes place over here. You can also find various artists who come from different parts of the country to perform and earn their living.

Religious practices

The Badrinath Temple is known for its various religious activities. These activities are performed every morning and every evening. You must know that after the completion of Aarti, Sandalwood paste is applied and you must come back to the temple the next day because it is given to the devotees. The Sandalwood paste that has been applied to the idol becomes extremely powerful and divine and has the power to get you rid of all your problems. If you are on Delhi sightseeing tour packages also, you must try to visit Badrinath Temple at least once in your life.

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