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Do Not Attempt to Repair Your Washing Machine Yourself


If your washing machine is not working properly, you may want to try to fix it yourself. However, if you still are not sure what caused the problem after a few simple tips for washing machine repair, you should contact a professional to prevent the risk of damage your washing machine. Here are seven of the most common problems you may encounter with your washing machine and when calling All-Electric Care to repair washing machines. If you want any type of washing machine repair in Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and lots of more cities of India, contact All-Electric Care as soon as possible!

Washing machines will not turn on

Before you panic, make sure the washing machine is plugged in and no fuse has been tripped. Then, distribute the clothes in the drum to ensure even load, and cap tightly. If the engine still does not turn on, there may be a problem with the timer circuit, close the switch, or electrical outlet, all of which require a professional for repair.

The washing machine will not drain

When working properly, the washing machine must drain the water from the drum before the spin cycle starts. If you open the lid after washing and find your clothes are still swimming in the water, first check the drain hose for clogs. If it seems obvious, there may be a problem with the water pump or belt drives, which require professional repair or replacement.

Fill the washing machine will not

If it is cold or hot water did not work, the hose can be bent or broken, or the faucet can be deadly. Look behind the washing machine to see if you can see any of these problems. Another potential cause for a washing machine that would not charge including clogged filters sediment in the water intake valve, or the selection of a delayed cycle. To narrow this possibility, be sure to call a professional for help.

Washing Machine Filling & Channels Simultaneously

If filling the washing machine during the discharge cycle, being stuck in this phase, and wastes a lot of water. This problem can be caused by a broken water inlet valve, water level switches, hose air dome, or electrical circuits. To avoid causing more damage to your washing machine, allow professionals to solve problems for you.

The washing machine will not spin

If the washing machine filling normal, but will not interfere or spin, the first Make sure the door is locked properly. You should also check the belt for tightness and wear. If this is not a problem, the clutch drive motor or the clutch assembly could fail. To diagnose and fix the problem, request for assistance from an appliance repair technician.

Rocks or vibrating washing machine Overrated

You may be able to remedy this by distributing clothes more evenly in the drum or adjust the feet on the washing machine so that it sits level. If the pads are worn reducer, you must be able to replace their own. However, if the problem persists despite your efforts, contact All-Electric Care to come to see.

Washing Machine Makes Strange Sound

It is wise to never ignore a strange noise coming from an appliance. You might hear your voice crackling was her makeup, which could lead to a faulty pump motor. A squealing noise indicates a belt worn or bearing a tub. Grinding or rattling could mean wheel agitator wearing and slipping. Whatever you heard was a strange sound, it could indicate a serious problem, so do not delay the repair professionals.

Washer repair schedule with All-Electric Care

If you are wondering how much it costs to repair the washing machine, do not worry. When our technicians All-Electric Care is in your house, they will offer a price quote in-advance improvement work completed. We serve improvement for top loading, front loading, stacking, and compact washers. We will conduct an efficient washing machine repair to get the tool back up and running quickly. Please contact All-Electric Care today to schedule the service you need. Call All-Electric Care for any information and help at (887) 504-3306 now, or schedule your washing machine repair in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc, online with our technician and experts.

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