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Get Excellent MBBS Program offered by Kazan Federal University of Russia

  • Excellent MBBS Program Offered by Russian Universities

MBBS in Russia does not require any recommendation as the course is quite famous and the students themselves are aware of the excellent MBBS program offered by Russian Universities.

  • Choosing to Study MBBS in Russia

The Indian students have been choosing to study MBBS in Russia for the last 3 decades now.

  • Most Popular Place for Studying MBBS

Thus it became amongst the most popular place for studying MBBS in abroad for Indian medical aspirants.

  • Medical Universities are recognized by MCI and WHO

There are many MCI (Medical Council of India) recognized medical universities in the country along with the recognition of the WHO (World Health Organization).

  • Course Duration for the MBBS Program

The course duration for the MBBS program is for 6 years which also includes an internship in Russia.

  • Get a Chance to Study in Russia

To get a chance to study MBBS in Russia is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Providing High-Quality Education in the Universities

As along with providing high-quality education the universities of Russia are also known for the excellent clinical training facilities.

  • Learn about the Basic Techniques of Medical Assistance

Through which the students not only learn about the basic techniques of medical assistance.

  • Complex and Ever-Changing Medical Diseases

But also learn the complex and ever-changing medical diseases which are going on in the world.

  • Recognized by WDMS and MCI

The universities are recognized by the (WDMS) World Directory of Medical Schools and MCI (Medical Council of India).

  • Advantage of Pursue their Medical Career in Russia

They add an extra advantage to the students who want to pursue their medical career in Russia and come back to India for the medical practice.

  • Getting Excellent and High-Quality Education

The students from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Middle East, India, and many more countries come to the country every year in the hope of getting excellent and high-quality medical education.

  • Some of the Best Professors and Doctors

The universities are staffed with some of the best professors and doctors from all over the world.

  • Experienced and Well Trained Teachers

They are experienced and well trained in providing knowledge and teaching the students.

  • The medium of Education in Russia in English

The medium of education is English as the students who are coming from several parts of the world do not know or understand the Russian language.

  • MBBS Course in the English Language

Studying a course in the English language is the only way they can understand and learn the course in the country.

  • Universities of Russia Approved by MCI

Many universities of Russia are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved and each of them is distinct and excellent in terms of MBBS programs.

  • Russian Government Approved MBBS Program

MBBS in Kazan Federal University (KFU) is a Russian government approved MBBS program which has recognitions from many global bodies such as the WHO (World Health Organization).

  • Degree Is Global Recognition and Acceptance

Those students who choose to pursue their medical studies from the Kazan Federal University (KFU) can be sure of global recognition and acceptance of their medical degree.

  • Tie-Ups with Many International Bodies

As the university has tie-ups with many International bodies and the course is recognized by many countries.

  • High Numbers of International Students

Also, there are high numbers of international students who arrive in the KFU (Kazan Federal University) annually for medical studies.

  • The degree would be Valid in Every Corner of the World

They choose to study at the university because of the fact that the degree would be valid in their home country.

  • Provides Top-Quality Education

It is important for a student to choose a university that wants to not just earn money from the students but also provides them with a top-quality education.

  • Choosing to Study MBBS in Abroad

Ultimately turns out to be a good return on the investment for the students who are choosing to study MBBS in abroad instead of their home country.

  • Low-Cost Top Quality MBBS Education

The Kazan Federal University (KFU) provides the students with low-cost top quality MBBS education which gives them a stable career in the future.

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