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Get the Best Education for Your Child

    1. Get the Best Education for Best Future

    As a parent when one is investing in the future of their child, one would want to get the best education for their child.

    1. Secure Future Along With Economical Education

    While doing so if they are able to get their admission to any university which provides a secure future along with economical education then that is advantageous for them.

    1. Secure A Place in Any Top Medical University

    Russia is the perfect place for any student who is not able to secure a place in any top medical university in India.

    1. Study in the Top Medical Universities

    Also for those students who want to study in the top medical universities of the world.

    1. Top-Notch Facilities Offered at Medical Schools of Russia

    The medical schools of Russia are full of resources and the top-notch facilities which are given to the students to assist them in education.

    1. MBBS in Russia Is a Great Option

    If a student is planning to study MBBS abroad, then for those MBBS in Russia is a great option not just because of the economical education system of the country.

    1. Excellent MBBS Program Offered

    It is also an excellent MBBS program offered by the leading medical education institutions of the country.

    1. Upgrade Infrastructure Facilities of University Regularly

    These medical schools of Russia continuously upgrade their infrastructure facilities to match the global standards.

    1. Get the Feeling of Studying in the Top Tier Schools

    Ultimately ensure that the students get the feeling of studying in the top tier medical schools in the world.

    1. Russian Medical Schools Listed in MCI

    The MCI (Medical Council of India) has listed a large number of Russian medical schools on its website which have been recognized by it.

    1. Full Validation of Their Degree

    That means that the Indian students can take admissions with the full validation of their degree as it would be acceptable in India.

    1. MCI Recognized Education Provided

    Earlier, there used to be a lot of complaints to the MCI (Medical Council of India) regarding non recognized universities providing education to the students.

    1. MCI Clearly Mentioned Universities List

    But now the MCI (Medical Council of India) has clearly mentioned on its website the list of medical schools that are approved and recognized by it.

    1. Study from Abroad and Work in India 

    It would clearly give the students an idea about the universities from where they have to study if they want to work in India in the future.

    1. Universities Teach in the English Language

    All the MCI (Medical Council of India) approved Russian medical schools teach the Indian students in English and that also clears the hurdle of language gap for the students.

    1. Awesome Advantage of Studying MBBS in Russia

    There is another awesome advantage of studying MBBS in Russia which is that those students who would study in the country would be entitled to medical insurance.

    1. Students Would Not Wear the Cost

    So in case of any mishappening, the students would not have to wear the cost of the hospital. 

    1. Universities Facilitate Hostel Facilities

    Now if we talk about where the students would live in the country while pursuing their course, Russian universities provide the students with the facilities of in house hostels.

    1. ample amount of security being provided

    Where the students can live with an ample amount of security being provided to them along with many basic amenities in the rooms.

    1. Far Eastern Federal University Is Recognized by MCI

    There are some great Russian universities such as Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) which is recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

    1. Providing Top-Quality Education at a Reasonable Cost

    These universities are well known for providing top-quality education at a reasonable cost to the students.

    1. Cost of MBBS Course Is Lower than Indian Universities

    The cost is much lower than the cost of studying MBBS in private Indian medical schools.

    1. MBBS in Abroad and Especially in Russia

    If you have any plans of studying MBBS in abroad and especially in Russia, then we would highly recommend you to research about the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

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