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How to calculate the right cost of scaffolding?


Saving every penny in a construction project is always necessary. If you do not do that, then you will never make any profit. That’s why it’s better to know prices and their calculation methods. This way, you can negotiate better with contractors and save yourself from overpaying. This post will tell you how to calculate the cost of scaffolding in any project. It will tell you all variables and calculation methods. So, keep reading further. It will help you in the future.

Let’s dive into the detail!

How to calculate the cost of scaffolding?

These steps will enable you to get the right figure for scaffolding costs in any project. The detail is below.

Calculate the length of your building

The first step is to measure the total length of the building. For that, you have to use measure tape. Take the tape and measure the total length.

Measure the height of your building

Now, you need the height of your building. It is required to calculate the area of one side of the building. So, use a tape to measure the height.

Calculate the area of one side of the building

You have the length and height of the building. So, multiple them in order to get the area of the side that requires scaffolding. 

Multiple the area with scaffolding per unit rate

Scaffolding companies charge per meter square. It can be around 85 to 105 pounds per square meter in London. So, multiple the unit rate with the area that you have calculated. It will give you the scaffolding cost of that side. Now, you have a figure. But it is not the final answer. You have to add some more numbers.

Add 10% into your number with increasing walking levels

If you need only one walking level, then the area multiplied with per unit rate will be your final number. But if you have two walking levels, then you need to add 10%. If you have three walking levels, then you need to add another 10%. With every increase in walking levels, you have to add 10% to your figure.

Add permission cost to your figure

If you require permission from authorities for scaffolding, then you have to pay for it. In that case, you have to add that cost to your calculated number.

Add equipment rent for extra days

The number you calculated is the cost for only three weeks. If your project beyond three weeks, then you have to pay the rent for extra days. Ask the supplier about rent charges and add them to your figure.

Do the same if you need scaffolding for more than one side of the building

Use the above method to calculate the cost for all sides of your building. Moreover, add an extra 10% in case of unpredictable expenses.

Wrap up

If you use the above method, then you will have the right cost of scaffolding. Remember, you can always negotiate with the supplier for lower rates. Have a great day.

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