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How Upgrading Factory Brake Levers Can Improve Your Riding Experience!

From the range of accessories and parts that riders change for their bikes, factory brake levers are the most important installations. While it is known that many times the reason for getting it is purely aesthetic, these installations have many benefits. You are not just adding to the look and feel of your motorcycle but also enhancing its performance, reliability, and durability.

If you are planning on changing for your bike, then read the benefits. First, understand how changing to these can improve the performance of your bike to make the right decision.

Benefits of Upgrading factory brake levers

There’s no doubt in the fact that we need to give the highest priority to the factory brake levers of our bikes at all times. These installations are important to ensure the safety of the rider and the chances of sustaining a crash improve. You even get a smooth riding experience with new, better ones for your bike.

So, let’s explore a few benefits of changing to high-quality:

  • Easy to Operate

When getting a new one installed, you can make the purchase according to your riding experience or physical features. For instance, people with larger hands can choose extended or bigger levers. Contrary to this, people with small hands can choose smaller levers.

Getting these installations according to your build helps in easily maneuvering the bike when riding around difficult or tight corners.

  • Long-Term Durability

Whether aftermarket or new, you must look for better quality and durability. The reason behind this is that these are made with high-grade products. The materials used and the overall build is designed to be resistant and reduce wear and tear.

For example, you can use unbreakable ones for a long time. This is because these brake levers are designed to sustain even racetrack and daily road wear and tear. Therefore, when compared to stocks, these are more durable and resilient.

  • Ensured Safety

We already know that these contribute to the safety of the rider on the road. With high-quality installations, you can ensure your safety even in bad weather conditions. This means that even when it is raining, your brake levers would support you on the road. Aftermarket factory ones are more efficient when compared to stock options. Even when you are traversing heavy traffic, you will see a difference in the performance of your high-quality.

  • Unrivaled Aesthetics

For many, the main purpose of getting newer ones is its aesthetic appeal. There are so many colors, patterns, and options available. You can easily enhance the look of your bike by changing these. This also helps you make a custom style statement.

You will rarely get this level of aesthetics with the stocked ones that are pre-installed in your motorcycle.

  • Unlikely to Snap

If you get shorter levers, then your brakes are unlikely to snap. This is a prominent benefit of these levers, as they have more clearance on the handlebar. However, even the long versions are great in this case when compared to stock levers.

But, here the design of the lever will play a major role, as the material will fold back to eliminate snapping.

  • Better Adjustment

Aftermarket options can help riders to adjust their position. According to your comfort, you can adjust the lever, which is not possible in stock levers that are already installed in your bike.

However, for this, you may require thorough research, as some have more adjustment ability than others. You can select this according to your preferences.

Do You Need Short or Long factory brake levers?

Choosing between short and long is a personal choice; depending upon various factors.

  • If you use two fingers for the brake, then short can offer a great experience.
  • If you use the brake with 4 fingers or have big hands, then the longer version is the best.

If you use only two or three fingers for the brake, then the stock can be extremely difficult. For these, you need to utilize your full hand or four fingers for the brake. If you don’t do that, then there’s a high chance of snapping.

Similarly, if you use your full hand, then long levers are great. Another reason to purchase a long version is high-traffic riding. If you are swapping through traffic daily, then short can be tiresome. This is because you need to regularly use brakes and clutch during this time.


When you are getting your factory brake levers, don’t think of only aesthetics. Evaluate performance changes and the overall value of these installations to make the right decision. If you fail to carefully analyze whether you need short or long levers, you may end up wasting your money. Hence, without further ado, review the above benefits, check the type you need, and make the purchase!

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