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Is Myanmar Travel Expensive?

  1. Very Expensive Travel Destination

Myanmar has a reputation for being a very expensive travel destination. Let’s start with the good news – That’s bullshit.

  1. Spent a Month Traveling in Myanmar

We visited Myanmar for a month and kept a close eye on what we were spending.

  1. Stay at Luxury Accommodations

Of course, if you stay in luxury accommodation you can leave a lot of money in Myanmar.

  1. Western Food

Get chauffeured around by a private driver, and eat nothing but Western food.

  1. Shoestring as a Backpacker

But you can easily travel across Myanmar as a shoe back backpacker

  1. Transport Is Cheap

Public transportation is cheap and so is the food at local restaurants. Simple accommodation does not cost you an arm or a leg.

  1. Decent Mid-Range Hotels

We took the middle road. We stayed at decent mid-range hotels, often ate at simple restaurants, but now and again we indulged in life’s little luxuries.

  1. Travel Expenses for Myanmar

In the post, we reveal how high our travel expenses for Myanmar were.

  1. Learn Everything

You will also learn everything there is to know about money in Myanmar.

  1. Affair in Myanmar

Money was an extremely complex task in Myanmar tour packages.

  1. Carry Huge Stack of US Dollars

Up until a few years ago, there were no ATMs in the country and you had to carry around a huge stack of US dollars in cash everywhere you went.

  1. No Need to Lose Any Sleep over Money

Fortunately, things have changed since then, so there is no need to lose any sleep over money anymore.

  1. Local Currency is the Kyat

The official local currency is the kyat. Working out the conversion rate in your head is not all that simple because 1000 kyat is worth about 70 euro cents.

  1. Probably Come Across the Bills Quite

You will probably come across the following bills quite a bit during your time in Myanmar – 50 kyat, 100 kyat, 200 kyat, 500 kyat, 1000 kyat, and 5000 kyat.

  1. Most ATMs Dispense

10,000 kyat notes were also recently introduced and most ATMs dispense them nowadays.

  1. Become Widespread

We have never held a 10000 kyat in our hands because it is only recently that they have become so widespread.

  1. Smaller-Denomination Bills

There are even smaller-denomination bills and coins in circulation.

  1. Going to be Seeing

But they are worth so little that you are probably not going to be seeing them around. We certainly didn’t.

  1. Particularly Valuable

As you can tell by now, the bills are not particularly valuable.

  1. Banknote Denomination

The largest common banknote denomination of 5,000 kyat is only worth about 3.50 Euros.

  1. Having a Huge Wad

So get used to the idea of having a huge wad of cash on you all the time.

  1. Best Bet is to Do

Your best bet is to do what the locals do – Fold the notes together and carry them around loose in your pocket, the smaller notes on the outside, and the larger ones on the inside.

  1. Comfortable and Safe

If for safety reasons you are not comfortable doing it, we recommend purchasing this travel safety bag that can be tucked into the back of your waist.

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