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Second-storey Remodelling at Affordable Prices


No matter how splendid your house looks, the need for renovation is never-ending. You may need to give a fresh stroke of paint, remodel your kitchen and bathroom, create a patio, and revamp the backyard. It is not surprising to put money on the renovation project. However, not always, the renovation project will include such tasks.

Sometimes remodeling your entire house makes sense. You don’t need to buy a run-down house to do it up. Sometimes, you may need to add a storey. Many people are so fond of their homes that they do not want to move elsewhere even though they are running out of space.

In such a scenario, they plan to add another level to their houses so that they could meet both purposes. This blog discusses some second-level remodeling options and other factors to get your work done.

Second-level remodeling options

There are as many ways as possible to expand your house vertically. However, which of the options you will choose to depend on your preferences.

  • You can build from scratch

The first option is to rip off your roof and construct the second-level from scratch. However, this option is better if you have a unique and great design. The design of the upper building will be different from the lower-level building.

It can be quite expensive. If you are seeking a mortgage, make sure that you choose an online Direct lender UK. They would help you get a deal at affordable interest rates.

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If it does not fit in your budget, the other way is to expand the upper level across the lower-level. This will let you create more space. Expansion is a great idea if you are looking to develop an area only. You also do not need to shell out money as in the case of building from scratch. It is useful if you have stashed away money for it.

However, if you do not have sufficient funds, you can look for very bad credit loans for bad credit no guarantor no broker. However, this is possible if you have got a gifted deposit from your relatives like parents and grandparents. If this is not the scenario, you can apply for home improvement loans. These loans are unsecured, so there is no risk of losing your valuable asset.

  • Modular designs

Like a modular kitchen, modular storey buildings are also available on the market. Such kinds of houses are built off-site. This is the most cost-effective way to add another storey to your home.

When it comes to home remodeling, you can opt for any of the methods, but do not forget that adding a second-level to your house makes sense if you do not want to lose outdoor space for gardening or outdoor living.

If you are looking for more space because of privacy, you should brainstorm implementing changes inside. Sometimes extending the wall by a few inches can be enough to create space. 

Cost of adding a second story

The cost of adding a second level depends on the total renovation work. If you are looking to add a considerable amount of space – for instance, you need several rooms instead of one or two – you should consider adding up instead of creating more space by removing walls and merging two rooms.

However, this entire remodeling project will not set you back as you expect if you do not have to embroil yourself into the creation of the foundation. Make sure that your foundation is strong enough to stand up additional weight.

You will have to be efficient with your money if you are in a tight spot. Remodeling does not mean you need to break down the entire building and then to create it from scratch. For instance, when you will create a second level, you will have to tear apart the roof and then construct a new roof on top of the second storey.

This may cost you a lot of money. If you are looking to make the most of your money, lift off the existing roof by a crane in two large parts and then reinstall it on the new second storey. Of course, renting a crane will be expensive, but it is much cheaper than creating a roof from scratch.

  • Once you have added a second level, the next step is to finish off the new space;
  • If you can do it yourself, go ahead;
  • If you are using inexpensive finishes, the total cost of the second level will be half the cost of creating the same size level from the ground.

Location matters a lot for some people undoubtedly. It seems impossible to replace the charm of the neighborhood. If you dread the thought of shifting to a new neighborhood that may not suit you, consider staying put and build another storey on top of your house. This is the best idea if you have to create space for one or two rooms.

Even if your house remodeling project is much more than merely adding square footage, creating large space within the same building footprint will be much more beneficial. Adding new stories in a highly desirable neighborhood will lead to an increase in the value of your property. It will be much faster than those in more contemporary and less convenient areas will.

You can add a second level to your house without shelling out a lot of money. All you need to do is be careful with your money allocation on a home improvement project.

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