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Tip To Maintain Interior Walls Of Your Commercial Space

Some people think wall art in commercial space is an obsolete idea for marketing strategy in this digital era. Contrary to their belief, traditional graphic display still occupies various industries in terms of effectiveness in promotional campaigns. If you want something beyond digital platforms and business cards, this is the right time to upgrade walls in your commercial building. Here are effective maintenance tips to consider for your wall materials.

Wipe the wall
Every day the wall surface may absorb dirt, smoke, and soot from the surroundings. If the debris stays longer on the cracks and grouts of the wall, it might become stubborn stains in the building material. Furthermore, residues of water droplets in the atmosphere can create an odor in the room. A better way to remove ugly spots is to wipe them with a squeegee or standard window cleaner. Regular cleaning can maintain the elegance of wall paint and keep the air fresh.

Remove old paints
Regardless of the material you use for interior walls, rust or molds would develop on areas you left untouched for a long time. These assailant elements cause instant damage to building materials. High humidity and heat can severely affect the wall paint during rainy seasons and hot summers. If you notice paint flaking off the surface, removing debris growing on the surface is the first measure to keep the structure intact. Invest in a wire brush and sanding paper to scrub traces of old paint crumbling. Rub the surface gently to avoid damaging the inner layer of the wall.

Apply primer
After scrubbing old paint off the wall, the surface will have uneven spots that make the room look like a dystopian movie scene. Applying fresh paint over the stark wall would not harm the architecture too. Some spots may look thicker, and others after blending the color with old paints. The leftover paint stains, with a vibe of a war-torn city, make the building more hideous than it used to be. Instead, you should apply a layer of a primer compatible with the new acrylic paint you will use later.

Wrap it
When employees and customers enter the workstation, the first thing they see at eye level is the wall. They prefer to see something that motivates their feelings to trust your brand. Greeting someone with an empty wall during business hours won’t help you improve your service quality. Decorating the wall with commercial décor items is the best way to appreciate people who see them. Hire a custom wallpaper company to develop artworks that make people smile on the premises.

Keep furniture away
Despite putting money on wall art, friction caused by office furniture and equipment can leave a dent in the surface. Regularly bruising the wall with the edge of a desk or touching it with a dirty hand can damage the structure. After installing walls in the building, the surface may show signs of deterioration if you drag furniture near it. Create a room layout to prevent things from touching the wall.

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