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Virtual Events


From the beginning of this pandemic situation, online platforms have taken the responsibility to handle the needs. Whether it is an institute, a corporate sector, your business, or any other cause, virtual events have become so important to keep running the organizations as the whole system has shifted to the virtual platform. We, at Prinknest technology, understand your need of having an uninterrupted online event experience to make things happen. We tend to offer a complete revamp solution to our clients for any type of online event as per their requirements. Our online event platform or interface is all you need to reach your audiences and share a healthy bond with them.

Getting Started With The Virtual Events Solutions Offered By Prinknest?

Live Conferences

We offer an uninterrupted experience of the live conference to your clients. Our skilled experts set up the best quality digital devices and technologies to deliver you the best experience. Besides that, our professional team arranges a testing session before each of your conferences so that you have a smooth experience without any hassle. With the most professional strategy and creative design, we offer just the perfect thing.

Hybrid Event

Being the most proficient virtual event platform, our first step is always understanding what exactly our clients are looking for and making a suitable agenda for a quality experience. With Prinknest, you are getting the experience of in-store events in the form of a unified hybrid event platform. We can easily manage both in-person along remote audiences for a fully integrated hybrid event. Opportunities such as event management tasks, two audiences-one platforms, improvement in real-time analytics, etc.


With the most advanced methodology and a unique library system, we help you to engage your audience. Webinar is one of the most challenging online events to set up properly, but not with us. We provide all of those facilities that will help you to engage your audience and make sure you also enjoy hosting the webinar.

Product Launch

Product launching is an online event that may have several associated risks. In this case, the goals of our online event platform are to

  • erase the hurdles and risk factors
  • connect you with maximum audiences
  • Engage your audience with our creative strategic design
  • Help you to beat your competitors with the best advanced technology and dedicated resources.

Being one of the most trustworthy virtual events platforms, we always test the authenticity of the product.


Our experienced team with a highly professional approach is right here to help you out so that you can host your expos perfectly. In Prinknest, the strategy-making skill of our experienced team will be there to understand your goal and design according to that so you can get successful. We offer innovative plans for every step so that you can shine bright. The online event platform by Prinknest ensures that you will not have to face many difficulties as it is up to us.

Live polls

It is an advanced marketing strategy to keep the audience engaged during the virtual event. Hosting a quick question-answer session during the event will help you to know your target audience better. That’s why we have a solution to make this a piece of cake for you. With us, you can offer your audience the most engaging survey as we use the most advanced methodology and unique presentation strategy for that.

There are other virtual platforms, you may assume, why us? We are the best possible option you can go for as:-

  • We provide a complete solution for every virtual event.
  • Our highly experienced team is always there at your service so that you can have a world-class experience.
  • Advanced methodology and strategy will help you to engage your audiences by providing a creative, unique, and uninterrupted service.
  • Our team is there to understand your needs and provide the service that is perfect for your goals.

Being the most reliable virtual event platform, our first goal is, and always will be our client’s satisfaction.

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  • Being an Event Tech Company, Prinknest helps event agencies & their client to run events smoothly.


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