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What are the Reasons to Do MBBS in Georgia?


Georgia is an emerging country in medical education. It is a part of Eurasia situated near Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Its population is around 3 million and it is spread across an area of 69700 square kilometers. Education in Georgia is in the era of modernization. Pursuing MBBS in Georgia is going to take your career to new heights. There are many reasons to finalize Georgia for your medical education. Here are some of them.

Affordable Education

Georgia presents itself to be a convenient alternator as far as the difficulty of high costs of medical education is concerned in various developed countries like California and New York. You can pursue your higher education for the most prestigious degree of MBBS from Georgia at a reasonable cost.

Rich History

Georgia is one of the states that is recognized by the articles of Confederation. It holds a position that cannot be ignored in the history of the nation. The Prestige of historical records starts from the beginning of the American Revolution that continued till the Civil War and also till the end of the movement for Civil rights. You can see a glimpse of the present, past, and future when you go to study over there.

Natural Beauty

Georgia is a country that is blessed with amazing sites of natural beauty. There is a Tallulah Gorge which a depth of 1000 feet. Go and spend some time at 6 waterfalls. You can also go for some biking and hiking at Arabia Mountain if you are willing for adventurous activities. One more famous location that I cannot resist telling you about a high suspension bridge that is 80 feet in height.


Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It is considered one of the best cities. It is one of the most populous cities in Georgia. Many renowned universities like the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Emory University, and the Atlanta University center, etc. It is also known for various tourist attractions and contributions to art and culture. It is also referred to as a commercial hub because of the presence of international airports that are the busiest most of the time. It is also referred to as the hub of transportation.

Kennesaw State University

It is a world-renowned academic institution. It is the third-largest institution in the state. It is recognized for its innovative techniques by US News and World report. The areas identified for innovation are Technology, campus life, faculty, curriculum, students, and facilities. Around 780 students of international backgrounds are studying in the university. The countries that the students belong to are 85.

International Rankings

The international rankings off Georgia are 6th for ease of doing business, 16th for an index of economic freedom, 8th for freedom house, 41st in corruption perceptions index. 51st in state of world Liberty index, 60th in UN e-government index, 53rd in social progress index, 38th in WJP rule of law index, 61st press freedom index, etc. If you are going to study MBBS abroad, Georgia must be your preferred destination.

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