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Why Quartz Worktops Are Suitable Options For Any Kitchen?


Renovating your kitchen is not a simple game. You have to select many things perfectly. Then, you can become able to have a stylish and usable kitchen. However, the main cost that you have to bear is on worktops. It can be an expensive choice or an affordable choice. If you cannot spend a higher amount, then Quartz worktops Essex are the most suitable and affordable options.

This post will convince you why you should use Quartz in your kitchen worktops. Keep reading further. It will help you make the right decision.

Let’s dive into the detail!

Reasons to choose Quartz worktops Essex

There are many reasons to choose Quartz for your kitchen. Below here are some strong reasons.

Variety of colors

Quartz is artificially manufactured in a factory, and it comes in more than 300 different types of colors. That’s why you can choose any color available in the market that goes with the style of your house. If you want any custom color, then you can order the manufacturer to produce it for you. However, it will cost you more than the available variety.


You cannot get a warranty on kitchen slabs from any supplier because they cannot give it. However, Quartz is an exception. The manufacturer always provides a full warranty on Quartz slabs. If your worktop breaks or loses its color, then you can claim replacement or refund.

Generally, the manufacturer offers a minimum of a five-year warranty on every Quartz slab. In other words, Quartz is always money in your pocket.

Cooling effect

Quartz does not absorb heat and remains cool. It means that the cook will never feel heat working on a Quartz worktop. Moreover, there will be no heat burn after putting a hot pot on the worktop.


Quartz does not have pores that allow germs to grow. That’s why germs cannot produce colonies on Quartz worktops. As a result, your food will remain clean in your kitchen, and you will never get health hazards due to poor management of your kitchen.


Quartz does not need extra things for cleaning it. Only warm water and soap can clean it all. That’s why you will never have to spend money on detergents. Moreover, you will never need to spend a lot of time cleaning your kitchen worktop.


If you choose any other material other than Quartz, then you will have to pay higher prices for it. That can go beyond your usual budget. However, Quartz is an affordable material. You can always get a new slab for under a couple of hundred dollars. In other words, renovating your kitchen worktops will not make you save for a year. That’s why most suppliers always recommend Quartz for homeowners.

Wrap up

All reasons for using Quartz worktops Essex are described above. Now, you can think and decide the best for your kitchen. Remember, you can get any color in Quartz from a reliable manufacturer. Have a great day.


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