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Your AC May Need More Than A Dusting This Season!


Now that it’s “officially” spring, it’s time to show off that chamber and acquire that cooling system blowing! After all, we have a tendency to hope you’ve already regular your spring tune-up; however, we’re here to inform you that, sadly, your system might have a touch quite that.

See, there are varieties of common springtime of year AC repairs, and below, we’ve got written a number of them for you. All you’ve got to try to is keep reading below to seek out additional, and after all, bear in mind to a decision after you want ac repair in Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and etc.

Keep a watch out For…

Like we have a tendency to mention on top of, there are a unit variety of common AC repairs to get on the lookout for:

Compressor problems

Your system’s mechanical device is tasked with pressurizing the refrigerant so heat may be free. Its own motor and a good quantity of electrical wiring, and thus, is liable to its own set of repair desires. Since the mechanical device could be a complicated part of your cooling system, and since refrigerant runs through it, it’s extremely vital that you simply rent knowledgeable to require care of any problems that arise.

Fan issues

Your cooling system has 2 main fans: the evaporator fan, that pushes cool air into your ductwork, and also the condenser fan that removes heat from the system. There is a unit variety of problems that will develop with these fans, as well as problems with the belts, motor issues, and loose or bent blades. Since these fans area unit thus very important to the operation of your AC, it’s vital that repairs area unit be taken care of at once.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC depends on the flow of refrigerant to stay your home nice and funky. Therefore, a refrigerant leak can usually result in a decline in cooling output. You’ll see water close your AC unit, notice ice on the evaporator coil, or hear an odd hissing sound. If these signs go unnoticed for too long, you may be facing a whole system breakdown, thus it’s best to stay proactive and schedule your repairs ASAP!

Ductwork Leaks

Leaky air ducts area unit a fairly significant issue, as they will contribute to up to half-hour of air loss! That’s a full ton of wasted energy! Once your air ducts area unit is leaky, you’ll undoubtedly notice a rise in your energy bills.

Call during a skilled

Be on the lookout for strange sounds, short sport, a loss in cooling power, and high energy prices, as these all indicate that there’s one thing wrong along with your system. If you notice any of those, make certain to decision during a skilled for repairs ASAP!

Trust us, once it involves your comfort, you don’t wish to require any risks! That’s why it’s extremely vital that you simply decide during a team of certified HVAC professionals at the primary sign of hassle. Contact All-Electric Care for ac repair in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad,, And etc & additionally AC Heating to schedule AC appointment with our all-electric Care AC professionals.


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