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Minimum accepted 500+ words, High-Quality Articles with No Grammar mistakes are Allowed, No Spam, and No Gibberish post be approved. 

Criteria = Multi-niche, we will check the post content and publish it in relevant categories, however, please select the correct category. NOTE: We only accept Medical or Healthcare Posts from Authentic Professionals.

Please pre-check articles with plagiarism and grammar checker, and submit 100% plagiarism-free Articles without any Grammatical Errors.

We read each article and grammar check, so please put an effort into articles before submission, any violations result in a permanent ban, doing this saves us time and helps maintain our standards.

We do not approve posts with irrelevant links. If your content is about cakes, then linking to a pastry chef or bakery seems relevant.

Be advised that we shall not approve any articles or posts that contain Keyword-Stuffing and repeated words in sentences and paragraphs.

We receive a handful of articles that we reject due to policy violation, thus make sure that your articles fully comply with our terms and conditions.

  • All the Submitted Articles and Posts needs to be 100% Unique.
  • For submitting on other partner sites please make your post 100% unique as the same post submitted on all other sites will be rejected.
  • All posts must abide by local and international laws.
  • Users must not submit and promote illegal services and illegal businesses of any type.
  • Hate Speech, adult or sexual themed and Political themed posts are not allowed
  • Human Cast, Race, and Gender and Religious themed content are not allowed.
  • Criticism of any kind whether positive or negative or suggestive is not allowed.
  • Posting content about other people and entities without their permission is not allowed.
  • Duplicate and Spam submissions are not allowed.
  • Using copyrighted material without a license is not allowed.
  • Violation of trademarks and copyright laws is not allowed.
  • Each content needs to be unique and must not present elsewhere on the internet.
  • Keyword-stuffing and using repeated words in sentences and paragraphs are not allowed.
  • Content and material submitted needs to be 100% owned by the users.
  • All the images need to be legal to use by the guest post author.
  • Users submitting posts must have all the legal rights for the post contents.
  • No PBN and Illegal Link Building Schemes allowed.
  • PBN link building from our partner sites is not allowed, each submission must point to a unique URL if including a link in your post.
  • No manipulating search engines allowed.
  • By submitting your posts, you declare that you are not doing any illegal activity like PBN links building or search engine manipulation and that your submissions are 100 unique, including the URLs, included.
  • All users must abide by search engine guidelines and must not break any rule.
  • By Submitting Your Articles and Post, you fully Acknowledge and admit and declare that your submissions are 100% Unique and you will be solely responsible for your actions taken.
  • By submitting Your articles and posts you declare that you have accepted All the Terms and Conditions and Guidelines.
  • The minimum accepted length for any post is at least 500+ words for all categories.

Moderator may not approve and publish any content which they think should not be on this platform.

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