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Tips for Publishers

Stop worrying about DA Reports from Famous Sketchy Sites, If your article is great then for sure it will rank better and benefit the businesses.

Search Engines like google, bing, yahoo are concerned about delivering Good engaging content to users searching on them, rather than spammy content from sites that have High DA rating reports from Sketchy SEO sites whom the actual content creator don’t know much about.

If you create great content then people are more likely to engage, interact, and share it, which results in a spike of data points to search engines and results in higher ranking and more visibility.

Creating spammy backlinks does not increase site visitors at all, natural and editorial links stand out but unnatural ones will always negatively affect your rankings.

It is the information age, if you share reliable, accurate, and trustworthy information in your shared content then it will more likely be accepted, and approved by the internet audience, but don’t expect a webpage to ever get lacks of visitors, that rarely happens.

Your page may get thousands of visitors and may benefit a business if you promote relevant services that match the content theme.

It takes months and years to rank a webpage for some duration, but if your content is far better than the competitors or those who are currently ranking in that particular space then chances are it will standout soon, but you may also have to keep updating and improving your content, in the long run, to keep it there.

A webpage that is created by efforts and research and has trustworthy and reliable information along with a decent amount of relevant multimedia, like images, embed videos, or relevant links, is more likely to rank higher and be discoverable sooner, but it still depends on search engine algorithm and its experimentation with your content, like time spent on site, engagement, interaction, bounce rate.

You must be using search engines for quite a while, have you ever visited a spammy webpage from a High Domain Authority sites, that is because High DA and PR site also get the same treatment, A Spammy Content does not get ranked even if it is from a High DA site, but a Great content can be ranked even if it is from a new, small or Low DA Site, in short, If your content is good then it is more likely to be discovered by users that are searching.

Add some amazing multimedia images, some embed videos, Use clean likable language and easy-to-read content, avoid sensitive words and expressions, be elaborative yet simplistic, if your Mom, Dad, and Grandma won’t like it then it is not for the web either.

Good luck and make sure to read our terms and conditions and guidelines before submissions, we get outstanding content but if we see a tiny violation then we reject, especially those who are promoting illegal product and services are more likely to get banned forever.

We welcome pure good and positive writers with a big smile on our face, if you are one of them then we encourage you to publish on our platform. Good Luck and remember to use grammar tools, taking proper diet and rest, and frequent breaks from computer screens, give those precious eyes and brain some rest, and make sure to adjust your monitor contrast and brightness, and get tested for astigmatism or anything else, if facing any headaches, dizziness or eye strains, our moderators and editors wish you all the best, and don’t worry for small flaws, we take care of those for you after submissions.

It is always best to use royalty-free images, we suggest, you may show support to them by adding credits to their contributors. please always use the smallest sizes like 640×426 pixels, you can use multiple images in a blog post, small size images keep our servers light and fast and save us time on backups and web maintenance. thanks

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