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4 Determinants of Modern Man Bravery in Women’s Eyes


Modern men have their own standards to be an ideal role model in the eyes of women. Of course, we don’t live just to please women. Their thinking is merely a common standard for us to evaluate and develop ourselves.

The bravery of modern men is not only in the intrinsic value of themselves, but it is also the story of how men behave towards those around them.

1 | Can become support (financial, spiritual) for the family

Women appreciate this because if it is determined that this is a long-term relationship, the attitude of responsibility will be applied by friends to their small family. Saying so does not mean that trying to support the whole family is the bravery, or standing out to pay the debt to help relatives is the courage.

If a comrade can become spiritual support, a person enough for relatives to put their trust and expectation on, it can already be considered a model of modern men. I put it first and I talk a lot about it because I believe this is something you can absolutely do.

2 | Responsible for career and development path

If a girl stood in front of her and asked her comrades about her future, she just needed an unknown, or interesting question to come and fall. Many comrades up to this point are still struggling with the question of what they want to do. I myself do not understand but want to understand women, so far away from you.

I don’t want you to be pressured to mature early or how just the slower you realize the path of personal development, the more you will fall behind. Waking up one morning at the age of 40 with nothing in hand, the comrades would understand that he had wasted a tremendous amount of youth.

3 | Troubled by the difficulties and challenges of life

I used to be a “coal mine”, I admit to you and I also make the girls around me look at me with disdain for that bad personality.

Women do not have the need to hear about their brother’s feelings about salaries, colleagues, or their own helplessness. They need a wide enough shoulder instead of an equally wide mouth.

The way we cope with constant and constant challenges like waves will be what women look at and evaluate the character of modern men.

4 | Responsible for your relationship

The needs of women are limitless, one thing is for sure that a friend will not be able to fulfill all the wishes that a girl gives us. The good news is that out of responsibility it’s much neater that revolves around just two things: her life and her emotions and having to learn to talk to make the message clear.

I will talk more about her feelings, since taking care of a girl’s life is, to be honest, not all men can do it. Bravery is not only in material money.

Brave men know how to respect her, know how to reassure her, and know-how to yield to women so that things don’t go too far.

Not a guy who is always overwhelming and trying to prove himself is the bravery. Modern men are really brave in a way less loud and much more valuable.

5 | Willing to work hard

As a life truth, if you want something, you must work hard to achieve it. This does not mean that you should work day and night and then fall into a state of exhaustion and no longer in control of your own life, but it means that when you really want something, you will spend a lot. plenty of time to reach it.

Taking action is the most important thing, and the more inspired you are to work, the more energetic you will be and the better the results will be.

6 | Make sure you are using your time wisely

Some people will say that time is gold, others will say that time is just an illusion. After all, we all know we only live once, so it’s important to use our time wisely.

How, then, can you use your time wisely? Only you know how to do this, but look at how you spend your day: Do you sit at work all day, then go home, eat and squat in front of the TV all night?

Your time is very precious, so it’s time to think about how much of your remaining time it is worth to spend. Try something new, go for a walk, learn a new language, or meditate, it’s up to you; But make sure you like what you do.

7 | Always be ready to help others

It could be helping a stranger you meet on the road or supporting a family member or friend who is struggling … Whatever the case, helping others is always the same. an effective and simple way to improve yourself.

When you give, not only the people who get help benefit, but you also benefit from it; You will be conscious of the results of what you do, of dedication, or also about less attentive to your troubles and concerns.


Self-improvement is not such a big deal. It is just very simple steps to improve what you already have so that you can move closer to your goals. However, you will need consistency, determination, as well as a willingness to engage in highly challenging things.

Instead of planning for a future that is too far away and then feeling like you won’t be able to take it, start these small but effective steps to self-improvement today.


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