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5 Split System Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions

5 Split System Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions

Summers in India can be hard. The heat makes you sweaty and uncomfortable. Air conditioning is a must in such conditions. AC eliminates the humidity in the room and cools down. But what if you turn your split air conditioning system after a month, only to find out that something is wrong with it? Therefore, we have listed below 5 split air conditioning systems common problems and how to deal with them to sort out this problem for you. Here we are available with 5 split system air conditioner common problems and solutions and if you have any serious issue with your Air Conditioner book ac repair in Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and etc.

Top 5 Split System Air Conditioner Problems

Problem: split air conditioner does not turn on

Solution: Follow the AC simple troubleshooting guide. Check if there is a power supply to split your air conditioning system. If so, make sure that the thermostat is set to ‘cool’ mode. Next, check if all external cables are still intact, such as mice and rats can chew through wiring and remove the circuit. The next step is to verify if everything is fine with your home’s electrical wiring. If there is a problem with a blown fuse or tripped, reset the force should do the trick. In case all of this fails, a split air conditioning system you may have internal problems related to cables or motors. If that is the case, calls for the improvement of air conditioning service and maintenance of the All-Electric Care.

Problem: Fans AC did not work

How to deal with it: If the fans of the split system air conditioner you do not work then seek turned off or tripped circuit breaker in the system. This can prevent the fan receives input power even when the unit is turned on. Another reason you are not working air conditioning fan can be a build-up of ice on the internal coil, which hinder the normal functioning of your split air conditioning system. You need expert help in such cases.

Problem: Mold on AC

How to deal with it: Mold is a type of fungus that grows in the humid temperature. The split air-conditioning system has a temperature of about perfect for their growth. Because they can cause a variety of health problems, it is better to deal with them in the beginning. To overcome this problem the split system air conditioner, contact our air conditioning specialists of All-Electric Maintenance at the beginning.

Problem: The AC was not blowing cold air

How to deal with it: There may be a problem that led to the split air conditioner blowing hot air. The first step in tackling this problem is to make sure that the thermostat is set to a temperature at least 5 ° C lower than room temperature. You can also check the cooling effect by lowering the temperature further. If there is extremely no difference in the output even after 15-20 minutes, cautiously clean the dirt in the evaporator or condenser. Ensure adequate air supply of the coils and fins of the condenser. The cause may also be a refrigerant leak, which can be checked visually. If these steps seem difficult, book air conditioning repair and refit of All-Electric Care and get your problem sorted!

Problem: broken thermostat

How to deal with it: A thermostat is a control unit in your home, allowing you to set the desired temperature according to your needs. You can usually control the flow of air through the remote control or via buttons on the device itself. If the thermostat is broken, you cannot set the ambient temperature and may end up damaging the unit split ac.

A split unit air conditioning system has many parts that work together to make it work. Routine maintenance and service will not only increase longevity but also makes the smooth functioning of the system. Let trained, trustworthy, and qualified specialists of All-Electric Nursing care of the problems associated with your split air conditioner, while you sit back and relax after a busy day at work. Hire us for your ac repair in Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and etc.


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