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A Complete Guide for Travelling to Kerala from Tirupati

Kerala is known as the “country of God” and the most gorgeous state in India. It is home to green paddy fields, backwaters, scenic sights, colourful events, and dresses. You will find tropical plants, pristine beaches, and varieties of flora and fauna here. It is also an ideal place for couples’ and friends’ trips. There are many tour and travel companies that offer budget-friendly deals to visit here. You can get Tirupati to Kerala tour packages with these travels. Moreover, these deals will offer many sights to visit while travelling to Kerala from Tirupati.

Munnar, a serene hill station

Munnar is a hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala, and it is famous among couples. It is in the western Ghats at around 1600 meters, and many tourists visit here. This station is famous for tea plants, blankets of mist that form views, and greenery. Munnar is a stunning station, and its beauty attracts thousands of tourists. You will also find three gorgeous, gushing rivers that flow through this town. Moreover, the hills, pristine lakes, and rocky terrain make it a perfect camping site. It is also a place with rare species of flora and fauna.

Alleppey, hub of backwaters

Alleppey is also known as “Venice of the East” and offers the best tourist sites. It is a hub of backwaters of Kerala and a home to thousands of houseboats. The boats in this town offer comfortable overnight stays. Moreover, the coastline offers the best beaches and many water sports during the dry season. It is close to Kochi, and its palm-lined network of canals attracts many tourists. The boats, stays, and Ayurvedic resorts make it a perfect place for relaxation. You will enjoy the serene water and sights of paddy fields and local life here.

Kochi, queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi is a port city with a trading history that dates back around 600 years. It lies on the southwest coast of India and known as queen of Arabian sea. This town has upmarket stores, art galleries, and some of the finest heritage hotels. You will also find a group of islands that are connected by ferries. It is also the perfect starting point for exploring the beauty of Kerala. Moreover, Kochi is a place to see Katthakali and other dance performances. You can boat through the water and enjoy camping here.

Wayanad, a place with plants and wildlife

Wayanad is a place that is known for its soothing climate all around the year. It is the most beloved place to escape the scorching sun of North India. You will also find ancient caves, waterfalls, comfy stays, and resorts here. It is also famous for its spice plants and wildlife. You will find large orchards of spices like pepper, cardamom, fenugreek, and black cumin here. Moreover, you can trek to ancient caves and experience a resort holiday at Wayanad. It is known for its wildlife reserve, which is home to varieties of flora and fauna.

Kovalam, a beach town

Kovalam is a coastal town famous for its resorts and Ayurvedic massage center. There is a lot of beauty in this city. It is also a very well-known place because of its beaches. The lighthouse beach is the largest of this town and has 30 meters tall lighthouse. Moreover, there are two other adjacent Samundra beach and Hawa beach here. These three beaches are in crescent shape and have shallow water and low tides. It is a place for Ayurvedic treatments and massage, along with yoga and meditation.


Kerala is a place with wildlife reserves, tea gardens, and many hill stations. The places of Kerala are flocked by the tourists throughout the year. You will also enjoy the boat rides in the waters of this state. The above voiced are the sites of that are unique in their beauty of nature. These places are a must-see while planning to visit this state. Moreover, you will find plenty of spots to indulge in camping and trekking here.

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