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An EPUB file and how to open it plus the software for converting PDF to EPUB


A file with the file extension .epub is a popular file format used for storing eBooks and other content. EPUB is the short form of electronic publication and was named the official standard of the International Digital Publishing press releases forum (IDPF) in September 2007.

An EPUB file – what is it?

EPUB files can store images, fonts, words, stylesheets, metadata details, and content tables. Since they are considered as agnostic in layout meaning that the size of the screen does not affect their formatting. EPUB files can display content on screens that are as small as 3.5 inches.

This indicates that this is a freely available standard and why a majority of online readers and eBook devices support EPUB files.

How can people open EPUB files?

EPUB files have widespread use and more e-Reading hardware (eBook reading devices) support EPUB files than any other eBook file format present. Users can open an EPUB file whether they are using Barns & Noble Nook, Kobo, or their desktop using either Calibre or Stanza Desktop.

One exception that is notable here is Kindle. Kindle does not read an EPUB file directly but there are ways to convert one file into something Kindle can use.

Android and iPhone devices come in with their preloaded applications to help open eBooks (iBooks from Apple and Google Play from Google). Those who want to open this on their desktops and laptops may need to use a third-party software application.

If users are using Windows 10 then Microsoft’s Edge browser can display EPUB files in a native manner. If the default browser is not Microsoft edge, users can right-click on the file, point the mouse arrow to the ‘Open with’ menu, and then click the ‘Microsoft Edge’ option.

Also, the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge does not support EPUB files. Those who updated their Windows and Edge may need a new program to open EPUB files on Windows 10. Then Edge will open a new tab with the user’s converted book displayed in the same format it uses for the reader view.

Microsoft Edge won’t be giving users the experience they need when it comes to reading. Hence, it is recommended that people use web apps/software like Calibre (one of the best PDF to EPUB converter around), which helps open any kind of eBook format with ease.

How can a person convert a PDF file to EPUB?

Just like any other file format, specialized software is needed for handling the process of converting EPUB files to a different format. Those who try to change the extension can end up with a file that is corrupt and unusable.

Unless users are using Kindle (it uses its own proprietary file format), the eReader users have might probably support EPUB. All they have to do is open the file on their eReader or another mobile device. But they can use an EPUB file on their Kindle device after they convert the EPUB file into Kindle’s own proprietary format.

This is where Calibre comes in handy. Not only will it let users open and view eBooks with ease but it also has a powerful tool that can convert the file into one of the 16 different formats (including the MOBI format supported by Kindle).

Why should Calibre be used for converting PDF files into eBook format?

Caliber is an open-source software which is great for Windows users to convert PDF into eBooks. It is also beneficial for those who are using macOS and Linux. It also includes a file conversion feature among its wide array of tools.

The following steps can help users convert PDF files into EPUB with relative ease.

Step 1

Users can drag and drop the PDF they wish to convert into Calibre. Alternatively, they can click on the Add books icon on the top left-hand corner and then select the ‘Add books from a single directory’ option. Then users can choose the PDF they wish to convert.

Step 2

Highlight the book from the main-window list and then clicking on the Convert books button.

Step 3

Users should then choose the suitable EPUB output format using the drop-down menu on the right-hand side. Users can make the needed adjustments to the file’s title as well as other details.

Step 4

Once the file has been converted, users can click on the icon of the jobs in the bottom right-hand corner to find out more. Then they can click on show job details will show them where the converted file’s destination folder is. Users can thus use their newly converted EPUB document their own way.

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