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Get The Best Wedding Caterer in Kolkata India!


Want To Get The Best Bengali Wedding Caterer For Your Reception in Kolkata India?

The winter months in Kolkata are famous for two primary events: Christmas and Weddings. Indian Weddings are simply lavish and not less than a festival. Guests invited to a wedding can vary from 100 to 1000 and more, keeping the hosts always under pressure when it comes to foods and arrangements. 

What does the caterer do?

It is a  common misconception that the caterer only makes and serves food, but in actuality, their responsibilities are far beyond. In the 21st century, weddings are getting more and more complicated. Caterers now have evolved to be like event managers. They make all kinds of preparation and arrangement for the wedding. Cooking and serving food revolves around 20% of their work.

Hiring the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata through planning means a  problem solver of the day

An experienced wedding caterer will work on your requirements and support you at every step.  

You must always look at the experience of the caterers, a caterer who has already served as many as fifty weddings under their belt will surely have great ideas and advice.

They will bring in all of the required equipment for cooking and service and will arrange all your food requirements perfectly. With their expertise events tend to be the most beautiful memories and guests can be easily pleased.  

You can easily communicate with them about the type of recipes that you want to include in your wedding and also they can suggest their specialties.

Keep the budget in mind

Budget always plays an important role whenever you plan to host an event. Therefore, it is very essential to gather information about the rates that the caterer may charge for their services. As a host of the wedding, you can either speak with your relatives and friends about the caterers that they have already worked with. You can check their portfolio and projects that they have worked for.  If you are satisfied with their works and budget you can proceed and give them the contract.

Check with the venue and search on google for caterers

If you have already selected the venue and are looking for the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata, you can ask for recommendations from the venue community. Most venues are amenable to this, as at the center of it.

The other way to search for the best caters is Google. Google has information on all kinds of businesses and can help you find the best caterers in town.

Want some suggestions for places offering catering services in Kolkata for marriage?

Receiving love from more than hundreds of clients, restaurant and outdoor catering service providers like BAWARCHI, Bhojohori Manna, and Posto are the best names in the town.

These places are well-known restaurants in Kolkata and they also serve as outdoor caterers. They serve Bengali and a range of other cuisines like Indian, Tandoor, Chinese, Oriental, Continental as well as a wide array of popular street food. Puchkka, chat, juices, packages are a must include in weddings therefore, they will make all the arrangements focusing on the client’s requirements.

Hope this post can help you find the best caterers for your wedding, for more blog updates keep following us.


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