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How Do I Reduce The Cost Per Click (CPC)?


PPC ads or pay-per-click ads are one of the best social media practices to find a lot of customers. In the PPC process, you run your ads on social media to get more and more impressions for your ads. Or you run PPC in google search engine so that in some particular keywords you can get a high top rank. Ultimately, once you get a top rank on the google search engine then you have a high chance to grab more customers in your site. In the concept of PPC or pay per click as the name says you would be needing to pay when someone will click on your ads. And if many users just click in your ads but do not buy your products or even they get a bounce back from your website. Then at that moment, your cost per click will still be high. So in this article, we will discuss how you can reduce your cost per click of your PPC ads.

Reduce the cost of google search ads! 

Now Google search ads are one of the most expensive PPC ads in social media. And the reason for its expensiveness is, google search can bring you high traffic to your website. 

And in many popular keywords, people even used to pay ₹100 or ₹200 per click. But at the same time, they make decent ROI on google ads. But still, one should also know some useful tips that can help to reduce your ads’ cost per click. And for reducing the cost per click you need to increase your return on investment. Only then your cost on click could be compensated properly. And for making a PPC ad that can provide you a high conversion rate, you then have to follow the following tips:

#1 Focus on the title:
In your short title, you have to target your main keyword. As well as you should use some additional but important information in your description. With people would like to enter in your website.


#2 Make an easy deal for visitors:
Once a user enters your website after clicking your PPC ad. Then try to engage with users. Users should be focused on an exciting offer ads with a compiling discounts. People love when they buy something with some additional offers.


#3 Make things easier for users:
Every person needs an easy solution. And that is why you have to make things easier for the user who visits your site. You can make a simple page where a user can easily navigate according to his need.


#4 Make a banner that attracts a user:

For making a banner ad that generates more sales and reduces your cost per click, you have to be simple. Simplicity works more than complexity. That is why you should make a simple banner with a proper design. So that once a user sees your banner he can figure out what services you are serving. But here if you want to reduce the cost per click of your banner ads then you have to work on your landing page. For search ads, the requirement was the same. Because a landing page is the only source where you can make a deal.



As you have known that if you want to reduce your cost per click then you should focus on your content. Or broadly you have to make an easy and attractive landing page. So that you can make more conversions. And in case you do not have time for handling all these steps then you can outsource your digital marketing project. Our digital marketing agency in Delhi can help you to reduce your cost per click and increase the conversion rate. Visit once and you would not regret it. 

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