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How to live a meaningful life?


A Meaningful Life means living your life with purpose, significance, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Its definition can vary from person to person due to their different priorities and concepts about their satisfaction. Living life with satisfaction means you decide what you want to do without caring for the approval of others.

  • Live in the present moment

Try to live in the present because your present is everything. It is saying that:

“Your present was once your future;

And your present will soon be your past.”                                       

You cannot change your past, whether it is good or bad. However, you can make your future by focusing on your present. Your current moment is present, the coming moment is your future, and the current moment will become past after the coming moment. Therefore, life is all about the present, past, and future. To make your life meaningful, try to utilize your present in a meaningful way. The result will ultimately be your brightened future and past.

  • Cast about Your Purpose

Start working on the purpose of your life. The purpose of your life is linked with your priorities and satisfaction. Therefore, it is mandatory to search for your purpose. Your purpose defines what you are going to do with your life.

  • Be generous with others

Every person has a social circle of people around its surrounding. No one lives in isolation in this world. Therefore, to live a meaningful life, be generous to others, not in terms of money only. You can manifest your generosity by giving your time, words of encouragement and sympathy, or many resources you have.

  • Be mindful of your actions

Be mindful of your actions. It is said that “every action reacts.” And the reaction bases on the action taken. Your positive action brings back a positive reaction to you and vice versa. Self-awareness and being aware of your actions and other’s perception are part of a meaningful life. No person on earth is flawless; you can step towards improving yourself to be a better version of yourself.

  • Do not hold grudges

Enhancing the feeling of hatred and anger by holding a grudge against someone is hurting oneself more than hurt the other person. Holding grudges make you feel like carrying something heavy all the time on your mind and body. Instead of holding a grudge, forgetting the matter helps to feel lighter and happier. Therefore, forgiveness is a better choice than regretting later on for losing happiness and body energy.

  • Follow your passion 

Most people go for the choices they are not satisfied, in their lives. Most people follow the professions they do not want to join. However, they do so because of their handsome income. They sacrifice their satisfaction and enjoyment. Making yourself satisfied and happy is mandatory to live a meaningful life.

  • Be Yourself

You are true to who you are all the time is the most appropriate way to live a meaningful life. Do not mold your personality into the one you are not interested in, just for the sake of others. There is a saying of Coco Chanel:

“Beauty begins the moment

You decide to be yourself.”

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