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How To Motivate Yourself For Blogging When You Are Feeling Demotivated


To make a blog successful you need to put a lot of effort. However, if you do not get the expected results, you may feel demotivated. But there is no need to panic because of this. Try to motivate yourself once again by picking yourself up. Now I will describe in detail how to motivate yourself for blogging when you are feeling demotivated.

1. Always remember the reason for starting blogging – There will be a reason for which you chose to write blogs. You need to keep it in your mind always. It can be:

  • Helping or educating the people
  • Building your reputation
  • Attracting a lot of traffic towards your website
  • Earning side income by working from home

All these reasons will motivate you for blogging. So, remember these reasons always.

2. Look at the comments that the visitors left on your blog – If you start feeling that the audience doesn’t take any interest in your blog, then this type of thinking can demotivate you. In such a situation, it will be good to read the comments written by the people for your blog. There is a possibility that some of those comments have compliments from the readers’ side. Motivate and inspire yourself by reading those comments.

3. Take inspiration from successful bloggers – Some bloggers are so successful. Take a look at their blogs and then ask a question from yourself: What can be the reason behind their success? There is a surety that they never got a feeling of being demotivated. To achieve a good spot, they conquered many obstacles and worked hard. The same efforts need to be put in by you. For getting success in blogging, you need to work on it continuously.

4. Have a look at what you have achieved till now – Sometimes we forget to think what we have achieved as a blogger till now. There is a possibility that you have become much better as a blogger with a lot of mental growth. Your newsletter subscribers and social media followers may also have increased a lot. Inspire yourself with all these and don’t give up in the middle. With time you will learn a lot of new things about blogging. By having thinking like if you continue writing blogs then you can get success in the future, you can motivate yourself.

5. Don’t keep yourself in the same blogging spot always – You can get a feeling of being imprisoned both physically as well as mentally if you do not change your blogging spot. A change of environment is necessary if you lack your motivation for blogging. Go to someplace outside your homes like cafes, restaurants, or parks to get inspiration for writing blogs. For boosting your motivation, get the advantage of fresh air outside your home. To find a very good blogging spot, use your laptop and search on the internet.

6. Try to promote your blog – We have already discussed that if we do not get the expected results then it can demotivate us. But it is possible to get the motivation back once again if expected results start to come. For getting more readers, your blogs need effective promotion. You can do this by checking a few links which are given below:

  • Problogger – 65 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  • Kissmetrics – 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

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