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Is Diamond Jewelry a Good Investment?


If you are looking for an investment opportunity other than the gold, stock exchange, or real estate, you may consider investing in diamonds. The global economy is getting more diverse with time. Market prices are changing in a matter of seconds. Before you decide to invest, you need to do proper research and determine what suits you.

Remember that Infinite stability doesn’t exist. However, with proper research, you can ensure that your money is headed in the right direction.

Today, business analysts, investment bankers, and financial institutions are investigating the potential of diamonds as an investment class. They are in fact surprised by the results obtained. They have found out, in today’s uncertain global market, the majority of investors consider diamonds as one of the most promising investment opportunities. The investment characteristics that diamonds exhibit cannot be emulated by any other investment class.

So, if you are still confused about whether or not to invest in diamond jewelry, this article is for you. We’ve talked to Emily Jones who is part of a diamond jewelry business and here’s what she has to say:

Reasons why buying diamond jewelry is a good idea: 

There are various reasons why investing in diamond jewelry is the best option for those looking for investment opportunities. Some of the reasons include:

Well established investment prospect: 

Diamonds, especially colored ones are well-established goods. Their value is internationally recognized. Collecting or trading diamonds is not a new concept. It has been going on for hundreds of years. Formerly, diamonds were collected and traded by royalty. However, today, they have become accessible to the general public.

Being a luxury good, the prices of diamonds continue to increase steadily. Over the past 30 years, an upward trend has been observed in the prices of diamond jewelry. That is what makes it one of the best investments of your life.


Diamonds weigh nothing when compared to their beauty. They are small in size and that’s what makes them exceptionally portable. You can easily conceal and transport large amounts of diamonds wherever you want without any hassle. You can store your entire collection in secure and safe jewelry or a deposit box.

Long term progress:

Over the past 30 years, we have observed appreciation in the price of natural and colored diamonds. For the past three decades, this gemstone has been dominating the majority of the trade categories in terms of pricing. After going through several auction results, we have found out that diamond jewelry holds an immense strength over other metals and jewel pieces in the current market. In fact, it is that one item that has been breaking auction house records time after time. People are willing to pay the highest price per carat if they find an alluring jewel.

A multi-function asset: 

As an asset, diamonds exhibit multiple functions. You can set a diamond in a ring and gift it to your spouse. You can wear a diamond and derive pleasure without making it lose its investment purpose. The jewel will not detract from the value no matter how frequently it has been worn. This is what makes diamond jewelry one of the best multi-function assets class.

Retains value:

Colored or not, when it comes to diamonds, there is no fixed price. The price paid in the auction house is what determines its cost. That’s because it is a rare jewel with a limited supply. Various mines have even announced their closure. That’s what makes diamonds one of the rarest minerals ever found and that’s what makes its jewelry a wise investment. 

Valuable assets: 

The value of an asset is determined by its demand and supply. Diamond is the rarest gemstone on earth. Among them, fancy colored diamonds are even rarer. Their supply will always be limited. However, various Hollywood stars and public figures sport their diamond jewelry now and then. Celebrities adorning diamond jewelry is one of the major factors that increase the market demand for diamonds. People are willing to buy them at any cost.

Wrapping up:

Investing in diamond jewelry is one of the most valuable investment opportunities a person can avail of. There are various reasons why this investment class has been appreciating its value for the past 30 years. Do your research before deciding which cut to invest in.

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