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Is FSSAI certification mandatory for food business?


Food norms are always been an important concern for the Indian government. To manage and take care of these food safety norms, the government has established the concept called the FSSAI registration. This FSSAI registration is here to help people and keep them safe by providing healthy food items. Every food operator, food transporters, the people involved in the food business, all must have FSSAI registration certification.

Before going into the topic, you all must know what is FSSAI, the principles of FSSAI, why FSSAI is needed for the food business or considered as an important standard in India.

Let’s start the session and have a detailed look at the registration of FSSAI and its standards.

What is FSSAI registration?

The FSSAI Registration has been established in India to maintain food safety. The FSSAI certificate will be issued if the food products are being manufactured, or delivered to the people, should be in a state of good condition, and must meet the principles of FSSAI. FSSAI is responsible for any food products that are delivered in India in good condition. This FSSAI registration act was passed in the year 2006 under the act of food safety and standards.

Therefore it is a compulsory standard to freshly start any food business in India. The peoples who are involved in the food business or the trading systems, or running a restaurant in India, then they must have a certificate called the FSSAI, they must register with the FSSAI.

The license will be in the digit of 14 numbers, that need to be registered in any food products, food materials.

The question that nextly raises in mind will be, who required an FSSAI license

Who must have an FSSAI food license in India?

As I mentioned earlier, the License is needed for all the people involved in the food business, it may be anything, whether, it may be a restaurant, food manufacturing industry, or you may be food delivery agencies, or in food trading. Therefore, the license or registration process is mandatory for them. When the food standards meet the principles of the act 2006, FSSAI, then the License will be issued.

The following people must have a food license with them, they are

1- The Food Manufacturing peoples

2- Packaging and storing of food

3- The business operators in the food

4- Food imports and exports, hotels

5- Restaurants, Retailers, traders

6- All of those, who are related to a food business.

The food license is available in different categories, one is basic, State, and central.

The first basic stage of registration suits for the small hotels, or those who are doing the food business more than the 12 lakhs per year.

The second category of the food license suits the people who can get a yearly turnover of about more than 20 lakhs in the business of food like the large manufacturing units or trading.

The third category of the food license suits the people who get/ turn over more than 20 cr.

The registration process with simple steps:

Steps to follow for FSSAI Registration in India 

Process 1

The people who need the food safety license, need to initially register with the authority of the License registry by paying the cost of 100/yr.

Process 2 

Then the candidate or the food business operators need to give the details in the given application form by paying Rs 100/-

Process 3

If the registration of process 2, completes, then the candidate will get the unique valid number in 14 digits.

Process 4

The registered license certificate will be issued to the candidate within 1 week and mostly depends on the verifying process.

Process 5

The food services providers need to kick off their business after the certification from the Authority.

Moreover, you need to give the required documents, proofs to the government for the verifying process, the documents encompass the applicant’s name, his/her proof address, contact details, and all the documents asked by the authority.

How much does the license cost?

The license cost of the applicant varies from one to another because the newbies need to pay the cost from 100 rs, while if the applicant comes under the state category, then he/she need to pay 2000, at last, the central category need to pay the amount of above 6500.

Moreover, if you are not obeying the standards then the fine amount also there for you. The fine amount starts from lakh and increases depending on the defect.

So it is better to give quality products to the people.

What’s the difference between the FSSAI license and registration?

The individual or the firm, that cannot be authorized as a business operator with big turnover, then needs to fill the form A for simple registration, while the others with big turnovers and massive distribution need to fill the form b which is for a food license, the registration depends on few factors, but key factors can be the annual business turnover, overall capacity installed in the facility, area of operations, and restrictions based on states and branches, etc. The types are Basic FSSAI Registration, State Food License, and Central Food License.

Why the government of India brought FSSAI?

This Act is started in the year 2006 to ensure the quality of food products, materials and they thought only the quality products must reach the nation because everyone is consuming and eating products, the humans need food to live a healthy life, but if that spoils, the human life cycle then it may lead to a health disaster, it is an important duty for all states in every country in the world to take care of their nation and the people. Nature has given us everything, we are extracting many things from what nature has provided us, so it is very important to give the full benefits to the people for their healthy consumptions of goods by the food services providers.

Moreover, the pesticides, chemicals usage are increasing day by day, the act has taken the action on those crimes, but people need to be aware of the effects and the causes they are going to get if these things are not controlled and taken care of properly.

Final Words

Finally, in conclusion, this article is all about the food norms, the registration process, the act, and the essential parts of the FSSAI.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to know more about the FSSAI and the licensing system, why it is introduced, who needs to register for this certification. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.

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