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Places In Your Home That You Should Clean To Keep Diseases Away


Cleanliness has become a basic living necessity. Given a situation where we are all hooked up to our computers, we often tend to depend on our housemaids to keep our abode a clean and healthy one. However, we cannot completely guarantee quality cleaning of our homes when we leave the responsibility completely on our housemaids. This is why it is important that we opt for professional home cleaning services in Kolkata at least once a month if not more. 

When cleaning your homes there are certain mandatory corners that you should never avoid at any cost. Hence we have detailed below the precautions you should take and corners to clean. 

  • Kitchen

Your kitchen, along with being a source for your food it also acts as a source for diseases. Pests like cockroaches, ants, lizards, rodents, and plenty others are quite frequent in and near your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen clean is therefore important to avoid the transmission of diseases from these pests through our food. Although small, these pests tend to taint our food which when consumed leads to several health disorders like dysentery, diarrhea, food poisoning, jaundice, and more. Thus, it is important that you opt for home cleaning services in Kolkata to keep your kitchen clean and germ-free. 

  • Bathroom

Your bathroom accumulates a lot of unseen gunk that can lead to several health diseases. The bathroom serves as a great shelter for bacteria, germs, and viruses along with pests. This is why proper cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom is mandatory to keep diseases at bay. Along with cleaning just the floors, the sink, drain, toilet pans, taps, showers and elements present should also be cleaned professionally to ensure 100% elimination of germs and bacteria. 

  • Living area

The living area should also be kept clean to protect the aesthetics of your home. Would you like your visitors to regret their visit and feel that you are quite unclean and unhealthy?

You won’t, right?

Well, keeping your living area clean not only makes the environment safer for you but also protects your guests from being attacked by deadly germs, bacteria and viruses. Also consider cleaning the furniture present in your living areas such as tabletops, chairs, shelves, and more. 

  • Upholstery

Your upholstery also needs a deep cleaning to get rid of the gunk accumulated. Dust and grime can make your upholstery look filthy and dirty. Opting for professional home cleaning services in Kolkata for your chair or sofa upholstery can leave your furniture look brand new. 

In addition to the above, keep your corridors, staircase, backyards, and gardens clean as possible. These places can also transmit diseases via germs and viruses. 

What precautions should you take when cleaning? 

While cleaning your home there are certain precautions that you should take to avoid accidents and damage. Follow the instructions given below – 

  • Keep your electrical appliances switched off
  • Organize your room to access maximum space 
  • Organize your wires
  • Do not keep open wires nearby 
  • Wipe off your switches and doorknobs with disinfectants
  • Wear proper sandals while cleaning is going on to avoid slipping 
  • Get your rugs and doormats cleaned too 


To guarantee maximum quality of services, it is important that you get in touch with the leading cleaning service providers in town. You can consider referrals and recommendations to select the best possible. Also, while you are shortlisting the names of the agencies, do you consider the years of experience of the agency. Besides, check for the other services offered by the agency. You can refer to their websites to gather information about the agency and then choose the company that suits your requirements and has earned the reputation of offering the best home cleaning services in Kolkata.

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