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Scandinavian home decor: The must-have decorative elements!

Do you want a modern and refined decoration? Discover the Scandinavian home decor! In a minimalist and colorful style, the Nordic decoration is adorned with new colors for a neo Scandinavian decoration that makes the link between a refined and colorful decoration. Here our advice for a pretty modern Scandinavian decor!

Want a modern and trendy Scandinavian home decor?

The Scandinavian home decor is rapidly evolving to follow new trends in the world of decor. We therefore find today the new neo Scandinavian decoration style to offer your interior a decoration with more character but also in a more subdued style.

Materials, shapes, colours, small decorations… discover the must-haves of the new cozy Scandinavian home decor!

1. The codes of the new Scandinavian home decor

The new Scandinavian decoration trend is neo Scandinavian decor. Relatively different from the Scandinavian style that we all know with geometric patterns and blue and yellow colors, it uses the codes of several decorative styles to create a particular and original style. This new style is defined by simplicity above all.

First of all, we find in the neo Scandinavian decoration codes of the art deco style. Indeed, it uses warm colors such as burgundy or midnight blue for example, while keeping a very refined and minimalist side typical of the Scandinavian home decor.

Un mix and match contemporain

The neo Scandinavian decoration also incorporates some touches of the contemporary style. Indeed, the contemporary style is characterized by a very minimalist and refined decoration which highlights the space and therefore gives a real feeling of grandeur in your Scandinavian home decor. It is also characterized by a decoration in relatively neutral tones.

The neo Scandinavian decorative style therefore takes up this code by offering decorative objects without pronounced patterns, in relatively neutral colors and in lacquered materials for example. This style makes it possible to give a very orderly appearance to your interior and is therefore perfect for architect’s houses for example or even for houses with large volumes.

2. The essential colors of the Scandinavian home decor

Neutral colors to set the tone

First of all, we often find in neo Scandinavian decoration neutral colors such as beige, taupe or gray. These colors make it possible to set the tone of your decor but also to create uniformity in your Scandinavian home decor. These colors can be found on all the corners of your interior.

Indeed, for a very refined neo Scandinavian decor, opt for a greige-colored floor that will bring a contemporary style to your Scandinavian home decor. Then, you can find these neutral colors in decorative objects, for example, such as vases, paintings or even interior furniture.

More pronounced colors for a more classic Scandinavian style

For a more original neo Scandinavian decoration, choose colors such as burgundy, midnight blue or pine green. These colors are often found in the art deco style. Indeed, these colors are new in Scandinavian decoration but still go very well with interiors with large spaces and very refined styles if you arrange them in small touches.

For example, for a successful neo Scandinavian decoration, opt for a midnight blue armchair that will easily dress up your living room to give it an original style while remaining relatively uncluttered. You can also add these colors in small decorations such as vases, figurines or even candles that will give your interior an original side for a modern Nordic decoration.

3. The key patterns and shapes of Scandinavian home decor

The patterns of neo Scandinavian decor

The neo Scandinavian decor consists of very few patterns. Indeed, we often find in classic Scandinavian decoration geometric patterns on cushions, armchairs or carpets. Conversely, neo Scandinavian decoration incorporates geometric patterns but in a much more subtle way than in traditional Scandinavian home decor.

This is why we can find this type of pattern on small decorative objects such as vases, dishes or figurines among others. However, most of the neo Scandinavian decoration is neutral to bring a very refined style typical of the Scandinavian style.

Atypical shapes for a successful neo Scandinavian decor

The new Scandinavian home decor consists of very rounded shapes as much in decorative objects as in furniture or wall decoration. Indeed, we can find in the neo Scandinavian decoration paint in the shape of an arch in pastel color or in more pronounced colors such as burgundy, yellow or green. The painted arch brings character to the room and allows you to dress it without overloading it to keep the clean Scandinavian home decor style.

These rounded shapes are also found in small decorative objects. Indeed, there are many vases or candles with curved shapes that give a fairly contemporary style to your decor while retaining the Nordic spirit in the colors.

For a more traditional Nordic home decor, opt for much more geometric shapes such as diamonds, hexagons or even triangles, typical of classic Scandinavian decoration.

4. The choice of furniture for a trendy and modern Scandinavian home decor

Sleek design furniture

For a 100% modern Scandinavian home decor, opt for sleek, cubic furniture that will bring a certain dynamic to your room. Indeed, furniture with curved shapes such as a coffee table or an armchair brings charm and a very current side to your modern Scandinavian home decor.

Then, to support the Nordic style of your decoration, choose furniture with inclined conical furniture legs that are typical of Scandinavian decoration. Go for models now on! Indeed, these make it possible to bring a very orderly side to the room by raising the furniture in an elegant and refined way. We find this type of furniture feet on many pieces of furniture such as sideboards, chairs, tables or even sofas. 

The combination of lacquer with a variation of wood

Regarding the materials of the furniture, the neo Scandinavian decoration, just like the traditional Scandinavian decoration, consists of lacquered furniture. Indeed, this type of finish makes it possible to bring a fresh and modern aspect to the Nordic decoration. This is also a very good and clever way to give a very refined style to your interior.

Wood is also omnipresent in Scandinavian decoration. In the neo Scandinavian style, we can see darker wood appearing, reminiscent of the art deco style, to bring more character to your Scandinavian home decor. For a touch of originality, combine light wood and dark wood for a mix of traditional Nordic style and neo Scandinavian style.

5. For a more traditional Scandinavian home decor

Colors, patterns and materials

For a more traditional Scandinavian home decor, opt for pastel colors like pink, blue or green. The brightest colors of traditional Nordic decor are electric blue and yellow, which you can find in small touches on cushions, rugs or tapestry.

We also find in the traditional Scandinavian home decor many geometric patterns whether on the bedding, in the wall decoration or in the furniture with a hexagonal side table for example.

Finally, regarding the materials, the traditional Scandinavian home decor consists of soft materials such as fleece or wool for example, with long-haired carpets to add a touch of warmth to your interior. You can also find wood and the lacquered finish as for the neo Scandinavian decoration.

For a typical Scandinavian wall decoration

Nothing better than the traditional Scandinavian home decor on the wall to bring clarity and a refined effect to the room. For this, opt for a white paint that can marry with all the colors and patterns that you will add to your decor. Then, to dress the walls, opt for metal wall hangings with geometric shapes that will recall the atmosphere of your decor.

We also find in the geometric decoration paintings with relatively abstract graphic shapes which allow you to bring color in small touches and therefore to give charm to your room.

For even more originality, opt for a pastel color paint with which you will draw geometric shapes on the wall. Indeed, the geometric painting on the wall gives a feeling of depth to your room and is therefore ideal for a bedroom, for example, which may seem narrow.

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