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Strain Relief Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why?

Strain Relief Products

  • There are three types of strain relief: single-direction, and multi-direction. Each is beneficial for different situations. Single-dirction strain relief protects the connection from single-direction damage, while multi-direction strain relief protects from multiple-direction damage. Both types protect against bending stress while still allowing movement in two or more directions. The most common type is multi-direction strain relief, which can be used in a wide variety of consumer products.


  • The Heyco(r) Snap-In Cordgrip Strain Relief is a 3/16″ thick, 1/16″ thick, reusable cable tie designed to provide a secure, water-tight strain relief. This strain relief plate is made of approved Nylon 66 and 94V-2 for maximum corrosion protection and is compatible with cable hoses, insulators, and conduits. The plate’s comb widths are adjustable for varying cable diameters, ensuring a secure fit in high-vibration environments.
  • Murrplastik Systems is an ISO 9001 and RoHS compliant manufacturer of injection molded cable management products. With a sales network of over 40 countries, the company has the capabilities to meet the needs of the global marketplace. Among its products are ZL-fix strain relief and KAf strain relief, which are ideal for use in mechanical engineering, cable fitting, and switchgear applications. They are also cost-effective compared to metal or plastic solutions.


  • The strain relief plate ZLF is based on the well-known ZL strain relief plate and is also available in a double row version. Both strain relief plates are easy to assemble thanks to their fastening clips. The strain relief plate can be mounted on C-rails and 2.0 mm plates. The strain relief plate can be snapped on or off easily and can be used to protect cables from strain. Its barrier layer includes a strain relief material that provides protection against the pull of power cables and other electronic equipment.
  • It features a symmetrical design with at least one axis of orientation. It is ideal for use with a multi-core connector. These strain reliefs are designed to reduce stress on the ends of cables, wires, and conduits. They are available in various types, including ceiling-mount, wall-mount, and ceiling-mounted versions. You can choose a type that fits your needs and your budget. You can even choose between a strain relief with or without a mounting foot.


  • There are many different designs available for strain relief. One option is the traditional slide-on design that is compatible with most plugs. This design is more affordable and can interface with existing plug designs. Some strain relief designs can even be found in off-the-shelf parts. These designs have special considerations for the food and medical industries. They may require special materials and designs for harsh environments. For example, cables in a freezer or other cold environments will require larger bends and greater electrical resistance.

  • Another option for strain relief is the multi-direction strain relief, which uses two or more plastic segments to limit the bend radius. This design is typically the best option for most consumer products. It protects a vulnerable connection by alternating connection points between segments. This style can also be used for more complicated applications. For example, a multi-directional strain relief can protect the wiring on a refrigerator’s exhaust. But a Strain Relief that’s made specifically for a TV may not be as robust as one that fits in a microwave oven.

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