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Tips for Choosing Good Freight Forwarder For Your Company

Learn the ins and outs of freight forwarding and how to build a reliable supply chain with the help of this article. We will go over all the necessary information to help you optimise your logistics operations, including the role of freight forwarders, how to manage customs laws, and how to optimise shipment routes. 

We have compiled some expert advice to help you identify the best Singapore freight forwarding package for your company, negotiate the most affordable shipping rates, and deal with problems like cargo damage and delays. Mastering the fundamentals of freight forwarding will provide any business owner, from a small online store to a massive conglomerate, a leg up in today’s competitive global market. 

Advice for Businesses Seeking a Reliable Freight Forwarder 

Locate an Experienced Forwarder 

You should know a few facts regarding the experience of a goods forwarder. For instance, when it comes to import and export customs, it’s important to determine if your partner has the necessary industry expertise to comply with rules and regulations in both the country of origin and the country of destination. To minimise errors and guarantee the safe delivery of your freight to customers and suppliers, it is advisable to work with a freight forwarder who has been through the changes in the industry. You can rest easy knowing that your cargo is in good hands when you work with a seasoned business. They will manage it professionally and make sure it gets to its destination on time. 

Maintaining Good Relationships is Important 

A lot of the success that goods forwarders have experienced comes from their skill in building strong relationships. Your connection with your forwarder is no different. Choose a Singapore freight forwarding package that offers the services you need. Here are two of the most critical things you should do to maintain a strong connection with your goods forwarder: 

  • Book in advance

If you repeatedly ask for last-minute bookings, forwarders may stop seeing you as a reliable customer. A few bookings near departure dates and open communication with your forwarder will help you maintain a good connection despite the unavoidable last-minute bookings. 

  • Keep track of your documents 

Make sure your forwarder can easily access all of your cargo documents. Shipping and reservations will go more smoothly as a result. 

Investigate All Possible Freight Forwarding Firms 

The first step in selecting the best Singapore freight forwarding package, like any other vendor or team member, is conducting a thorough interview. While prior experience is certainly helpful in narrowing down your options, it is also possible to learn whether a forwarding firm is a suitable match for your industry by conducting due research and meeting with personnel from the organisation. 

Verify That Cargo Insurance Is Available 

So, you’ve established confidence with a forwarder who provides the 3PL services you need at a price you can easily understand. But before everything else, there’s cargo insurance to consider. Whether you’re exporting via land, sea, or air, it’s crucial to have cargo insurance to protect your shipment from any loss or damage. This will provide you peace of mind and reduce the risk involved. 

Request References 

Competitors sometimes provide the best information. When it comes to selecting a Singapore freight forwarding package, this is very important. Cooperation with businesses comparable to yours, and even your competitors, indicates a reliable provider. Although it may not be wise to inquire about your competitors’ business associates, requesting references from the logistics forwarding provider is prudent. Ask them to connect you with businesses with comparable requirements, and don’t be shy about asking pointed questions if necessary. 

Picking a goods forwarder solely on price is a poor decision

Shipping goods all around the globe is no easy feat. There are many moving parts, and mistakes in any one can disrupt the supply chain. You won’t get the support you need, and the staff behind the cheapest goods-forwarding company will need more expertise to fix these issues quickly if you go with that one. Your company will spend more money if it chooses a goods shipping provider solely on price. 


It was in early 2003 when Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd was established. Team leaders with over 25+ years of expertise in international freight forwarding, total logistics, and project cargo management formed the company. TGS is a global goods forwarder focusing on projects, oversized cargo, and comprehensive logistics. We offer customised Singapore freight forwarding package to fulfil our customers’ ocean, air and land transportation needs. Beginning with the time we collect the shipment and continuing through its delivery to the buyer’s home or location, we are always here to help our customers.

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