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What is the average rent for students in Wrexham?

Wrexham is home to Glyndwr University and Yale College and it is known to host many full-time students every year where you can find more than 350 international students. being the fourth largest urban area across Wales, Wrexham is known as a centre for manufacturing, retail, education, and administration. 

The cost of living in Wrexham 

The cost of living in this city is around £1,000-£1,500 excluding the amount for the university. The expenses will comprise rent, food, transportation as well as other expenses. On average, the cost of private student accommodation in Wrexham in this city will be around £101 to £395 per week. The cost of food will depend upon your spending as well as eating habits. You can easily cook meals at home can help you save some money on monthly groceries which will come to around £296.24 per month. While you can eat outside, it can cost you more expenses. If you can eat food at a mid-range restaurant, it will cost you around £6.50 per person. If you eat in a better restaurant, then this will cost you around £10 per person. The cost of your monthly expenses will completely depend on your lifestyle.

Cost of student accommodation in Wrexham

The average cost per month will be around £380- £460.

The cost of the best student accommodation in Wrexham over here will be based on different factors comprising location, type of accommodation, as well as different facilities. At the same time, the students can select on-campus housing situated on the campus. This can be in great demand and it is really important to apply ahead of time so that you can guarantee a spot. The location of the property will have an influence on the pricing. The accommodation which is closer to the city centre or your preferred university will be more expensive. however, you can also get closer to services as well as transportation.

The student housing further from the town centre or the institution can be really expensive, but the transportation costs need to be considered. Generally, the cost of student housing in Wrexham over here is lesser than the cost of accommodation in other cities across the UK which makes it really more reasonable for international students. If you are looking for affordable options, then you will find many places to stay. However, you should look for different amenities which are geared towards students’ requirements and it is within easy reach of the university.

The best student accommodation type

Since finding accommodation is easy with online platforms, you can find the perfect abode within your budget. At the same time, you also need to consider a wide range of factors before you finalize one of them. It is important to remember to consider all the accommodation’s location, safety, prices as well as different amenities. Take a look at the type of accommodation below for one’s reference.

  • Student housing: This is one of the best choices if you want private living and also make new friends. You can also select the type of student room over here which is fully furnished with different furniture and furnishing. They offer amenities as well as inclusive utility bills. 
  • Private apartment: Student rooms in Wrexham in this city are another best choice which is preferred by the senior students. in this kind of accommodation, you can select the kind of occupancy you want to stay in. They offer furnished apartments as well as inclusive utility bills such as internet connectivity, water, electricity, gas, secure door-entry as well as CCTV.

FAQs on the cost of living in Wrexham

Is Wrexham expensive for all the students?

The average cost of living in this city is quite close to the world’s average cost of living which indicates that the students to an extent can manage their expenses properly if they stick to their budget. On average, it is said that the students should keep an estimation of around £1086- £1166 per month to live life comfortably.

Where do students live in this city?

Some of the most renowned student-friendly areas where you can easily rent accommodation comprise the city centre, central as well as Ruabon. The students can expect to find different accommodation options over here. this way you can find a wide range of facilities and amenities.

Which is the best student accommodation for international students? 

From studios to student apartments, you can find a wide range of options for students to select from when shifting to the city of Wrexham. One of the most top-notch student accommodations over here is priced between £100-£120 per week. 

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