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Important Tips for Cleaning Washing Machine?


8 factors to consider when cleaning your washing machine!

Almost everybody knows that the washing machine is one of the most used appliances in the house. In fact, washing clothes without a washing machine is more time-consuming and laborious. After using the appliance, cleaning it is equally important. A homemade HE washing machine cleaner or a commercially available one helps you effectively clean your washing machine and keep it spick and span. 

After a certain period of time, washing machines start to give a foul odor. And as you might know, washing clothes in a smelly washing machine is not a good idea as it makes your clothes smell too. 

This is mainly due to the washing powder residue that gets left behind or when it’s not properly ventilated. It is important that you keep your washing machine clean; listed below are the important factors to keep in mind before cleaning your washing machine.

Make sure to clean with vinegar 

Cleaning with vinegar is one of the best DIY washing machine cleaner techniques as vinegar is easily available in the house and works excellent when it comes to cleaning grease and removing stains from the machine. You can do it yourself once a month. Make sure to pour 230 ml of vinegar and rinse it, this ensures you have bacteria-free clothes as vinegar also kills bacteria.  

Emptying filter 

Emptying the filter is also an important thing to keep in mind when cleaning the washing machine. The filter helps protect your washing machine’s pump by stopping the debris from entering. So, you need to take out all the dirt that gets stuck in the filter, this mainly consists of tissues, dirt, and unwanted stuff that comes out while washing clothes.

Cleaning the drum

When cleaning your washing machine, cleaning the drum is also essential. Even though it seems clean, there are chances that there may be a lot of germs hiding in the drum. Sometimes due to excess use of detergent, the drum starts to give an unpleasant smell. Every once a week add sodium bicarbonate and start the hot cycle. This will not only clean the drum but also drives away the odor from your machine.

Let the washing machine dry 

After cleaning your washing machine make sure to open the lids and let it dry. This, in turn, helps you clean the unwanted molds that form on the machine. Because of the humidity, the molds start forming which causes the washing machine to give a foul stench; it is also not hygienic for your clothes.

Using the right amount of detergent

Using the right amount of detergent can help you get rid of the foul stench. At times we tend to put an excessive amount of detergent while washing. Because of this, the residue of detergents starts building up, and if not cleaned up properly, the washing machine starts giving a foul odor.

Using washing machine cleaner 

Sometimes using a washing machine cleaner is a very good idea as there are lots of cleaning products available in the market. At times, the detergent powder used for cleaning does not get properly washed out. This is also the reason why your washing machine starts to smell.

Checking hoses

Make sure to check the hoses in the washing machine as it helps prevent the overflow of water. Over time, dirt starts forming in the drainpipe as well, which blocks the flow of the water and increases the risk of damaging your washing machine. 

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