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Things to Do in Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour


When it comes to Nepal Tibet Bhutan, what do you think of first? How snow-capped peaks, flying monasteries, faithful pilgrims? Yes, they are Nepalese Tibetan Bhutanese, but there are more than three kingdoms. Located near the Himalayas in Nepal Tibet Bhutan, it has an amazing magical character. The magic of nature always makes tourists happy with a few lakes, steep valleys, vibrant forests, or colorful flowers. As three Buddhist kingdoms, they also attracted many Buddhist tourists. Put your feet in these religious places, you can study the mysterious Buddhist story and you will be amazed by the pious Buddhist followers. In addition, Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour has many world-renowned architectural projects that speak to the wisdom of the ancients. If you travel to Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, you will have a feast of miracles that many people will not believe.

Soak the Buddhist Culture in the Holy Lhasa

Not only is the capital of Tibet, but Lhasa is also a holy city, a tourist distribution center, and a treasured park. Undoubtedly, if you are traveling in Tibet, Lhasa is a must-visit destination. Here you will find some of Tibet’s finest cultural palaces, monasteries, and pilgrim streets. The surrounding natural scenery is breathtaking.

Landmarks – The high rise above Lhasa, the palace of Potala Lhasa is even a symbol of Tibet. When you first see it, you attract this stunning structure, making it difficult to take your eyes off it. This is the former residence of the Dalai Lamas, who also works there and meet with guests. In the palace, you can find many collections and esteemed statues of Buddhist personalities. If you travel to Lhasa, you will not miss the Jokhang temple, the spiritual center of Lhasa, where there is a living statue of Shyakamuni. Many Buddhists pay homage to the Jokhang temple to look at the idol they worship. At the front gate of the Jokhang temple, you can see Tibetans prostrating in the endless stream. The dazzling golden roof of the Jokhang temple is also spectacularly majestic and can be seen very well from here as well. The Jokhang temple is surrounded by Barkhor Street, a popular fashion for pilgrims. There are many Great Walls around Barkhor Street, which are either worshiped or spin the wheel of prayer. Tourists are advised to spend one day at Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street.

Monasteries – The 3 major monasteries, the Drepung Monastery, the Sera Monastery, and the Ganden Monastery, are also highlights of Lhasa. The Drepung monastery is home to prominent Buddhist schools, and even the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas studied there. The Sera Monastery is famous for its Bible discussions, which are fun activities to discuss Buddhist knowledge and to test the monks ’research. The Ganden Monastery is worth a walk from Lhasa. In addition to these scenic spots, you can also visit the Tsurphu Monastery – the main monastery of the Kargyu sect, the Drak Yerpa Monastery – the amazing hanging on the cliff and some other Buddhist sites.

Namtso Lake – Lake Namtso, one of the sacred lakes near Lhasa, is a paradise of crocodiles, capturing beautiful scenery such as turquoise water, snow-capped mountains, and a variety of prayer flags.

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