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What are the top 3 Components of SEO?


SEO (Search engine optimization) sounds appealing in theory. Using this technique, you can drive your site to the top of Google’s organic search rankings, bringing in relevant visits and revenue. Unfortunately, for many individuals, SEO is volatile in nature and often complex.

However, when broken down into its key components, SEO appears to be a lot less challenging, and for many, it’s absolutely something worth learning. Thus, to have in-depth knowledge of the related SEO concept, every interested applicant must enroll in the SEO Training Institute in Delhi.

We have broken down the components into parts, which we will study in this detailed article. Before that, let us understand What SEO is?

Search Engine Optimization: Meaning

Search Engine Optimization helps to improve three different aspects of your website, which are as follows.

●     The Quality of Traffic

It refers to ensuring that visitors to your website are interested in the items or services you provide. For instance, if a prospective client enters your website looking for video games, but you sell video creation tools, that visitor is unlikely to convert to a sale.

●     Quantity Of Traffic

Once you’ve ensured that the proper individuals are visiting your website and looking for you via SERPs (Search Engine Page Results), you can focus on growing traffic to your website.

●     Organic Search Results

Organic Search Results refer to any traffic you obtain from the SERPS that you did not have to pay directly for advertisement.

Different Components of SEO

Three Main Components of SEO

For the purpose of a successful long-term search strategy, it is necessary to understand all three components of SEO:

●     Technical SEO

It is the process of assessing and improving the technical characteristics of your website. However, the goal of technical SEO is to make it easy for search engine crawlers to explore your website and speed it up so that users have a positive experience.

Moreover, Technical SEO addresses topics like website infrastructure, clustering and classification, internal links, page speed, and sitemaps. These elements are directly related to Google’s ability to crawl your page.

●     On-Page SEO

It is also known as on-site SEO. On-page SEO is concerned with optimizing the elements of website pages to achieve a higher organic Rank on SERPs. It includes the website’s content and the raw HTML code.

As Google crawlers are text-based, it is necessary to create content that is relevant to your business. This will help you rank better. However, in order to develop an On-page SEO strategy, you must conduct thorough keyword research. Then, create content that answers the search queries of your target audience.

●     Off-Page SEO 

The opposite of on-page is off-page SEO. It is an SEO that is not taking place on your website. When we talk about off-page SEO, they usually imply link acquisition.

However, Off-page SEO is concerned with Google’s perception about the authority of your website, which experts can achieve through backlink development. Moreover, it is the act of third-party websites connecting to your product that increases your website ranks.


To conclude, we have compiled the three different components of SEO. They are equally important for an efficient SEO strategy. Moreover, any one of the defective elements might hamper your potential to outperform your competition. Therefore, to know a working knowledge of SEO and its components, interested candidates must approach SEO Training Institute in Noida for a more advanced learning


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